About the Band

Before the band "Shara" was created, there was a band called "Lakada", which consisted of four members: Giorgi Shanava, Giorgi Dzadzamia and brothers, Luka and Levan Mebonia.

After graduating from D.Arakishvili Music School in Sokhumi Irakli Chargazia (vocal) joined the band, soon after Shalva Tsivilashvili (Garmon/accordion) also became the member.

For developing further the band required a producer, so they invited Chabuka Amiranashvili. He decided to make a new project which was interestingly mixed with ethno and folk music, enriched with more spectacular elements. The band hired dancers and prepared a new program, to include Chabuka's compositions. Relevant to upgraded program, the band was named "Shara", meaning a narrow road in Georgian. The name envisages the difficult road that the boys went through and they still have to overcome difficulties. Currently the band successfully performs in Georgia and abroad, offering a spectacular program with ethno music and choreography, which is greatly loved by it's audience.

Chabuka Amiranashvili

Producer of the group

First of all, I choose the song, I either write new one or choose one between tradition folk songs, then I agree with the boys, I know their voices, and because of that I choose the soloist, second or the third voice. I also choose the idea for the song and then I let someone else write the text for it, most of our songs are about bravery, or love for the homeland and woman. The fact that Georgia has lot of various ethnic places, like Kakheti, Kartli, Guria, Samegrelo, Adjara, Racha and other places, we choose the style for each place. Now touching dancers, all of them are amazing, I give them the idea for their moves, because I have a huge experience of working with dancers ("Sukhishvilebi"- I had to write lot of songs for them) It always depends on what kind of dance they're going to dance, every dance has its specific moves, either it's the mountain dance or Rachuli.

I consider Georgian dance one of the most effective dances, dancers use lot of movements while dancing, which makes it even more incredible on the stage, these movements are mostly for man, the dance for woman are tender, specially chosen for them, Shara sings in Georgian most of the times and dancers help us visually to describe the history of our song, which can be understood by the people who don't know our language. Dances by Shara are so emotional, that it's impossible for spectators to be indifferent. I think my dancers are mostly related to mountain people's music, which is various in Georgia, it's interesting, that in Georgian songs that are accomplished by shara, Music and the rhythm are like Triol system and it gives dancers a great opportunity to make moves in Triol rhythm.

I was the first one who risked to create dancers and singers together as a small group, you might know that choreographic groups accomplish dances that are placed, which are beautiful to see, in every big choreographic groups, is placed draught, but it's different with Shara's dancers, most of the times they accomplish choreographic interesting draughts, they also have a huge ability to make an improvisation, because they're five, (4 boys and 1 girl) and their draught is not annual.

Lyrical themes in our songs are sadness, kindness and love either for human or the environment.

Georgian song is so different, beautiful and interesting that if you have it in your blood and you are a Georgian musician, it's impossible not to be inspired, we are almost 3 million, but our folk is one of the most different in the world.

All of my songs are my favorite, but mostly it's the song that I wrote for the movie "Svani", because I think I made the revolution in Svan's songs. In Svan's music I used and combined instruments, I also wrote the new theme which has never existed in Svaneti before. This song is a popular soundtrack in Georgia. Svans are mountain people, who live under the bin of Ushba, they have specific and old traditions and different traditional songs. It's very hard when the sonority that exists during the centuries, changes one day. New music that was written describes Svan's traditions, tells you the story about Svaneti, also in this song, Duduki is used as a soloist and the vocal of a woman as a soloist, the combination that justified, was very interesting.

Irakli Сhargazia

vokal, panduri

Giorgi Dzadzamia

vokal, panduri, chonguri

Luka Mebonia

vokal, drums

Giorgi Shanava

vokal, panduri, chiboni, bass guitar

Levan Mebonia

vokal, panduri, bass guitar

Shalva Tsivilashvili


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